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Obligatory First Day of 3rd Grade Photo

3rd Grade

Monday, August 18th

Online Hoops & Legal Mumbo-jumbo

I’m jumping through Claire’s school pre-registration hoops (online), and I love how our Parent Code of Conduct is written; it references the importance of communication, respect, & dignity, and it’s just really well done.

The legal waivers, on the other hand, make me laugh out loud…at everything listed, “known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, past, present, and future…” (Forever and ever, Amen?)



Slow Down Summer!

I was forced to put the school schedule into my calendar, because I was required to register Claire for things that start the week before school starts and continue past that. I then had a teeny tiny meltdown for fear that summer is almost gone. My husband calmed me down & reminded me that we have OVER a month left, so I started to breathe easier again. Still. Slow down, summer! SLOW DOWN.

Equalize Funds for Public Charter Schools in Jefferson County

What’s going on with Public Charter Schools in Jefferson County Colorado?

In a nutshell, District Run Public Schools receive $1400 per pupil from the Mill Levy Override. Public Charter Schools receive $247 per pupil. This is a huge discrepancy, and frankly, it’s not right. It’s not something that was made clear to voters when we voted 3A/3B into being!

There is a new board majority on the Jefferson County Public Schools Board of Education, and they ran on the premise of equalizing these funds, and that’s what they’re trying to do. There is money in the budget to do so. They are receiving flak for this, a lot of which is being drummed up by the JCEA (Jefferson County Education Association, the Teachers Union). Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation is being spread about Public Charter Schools in Jefferson County.

Here is the truth:

  • Public Charter Schools ARE public schools.
  • They DO hire certified teachers, but those teachers are not part of the Teachers Union.
  • Public Charter Schools DO take Special Needs (IEP, Special Ed., etc.) children, and they ARE held to State Standards.
  • Enrollment in a Public Charter School is based on a Choice Enrollment lottery system.
  • Public Charter Schools are not private schools; there is no tuition at a Public Charter School. (Public Charter Schools that offer full-day Kindergarten or Pre-K programs do charge tuition for those programs, just like other District Run Public Schools. Half-day Kindergarten Programs at Public Charter Schools are free.)

In addition to the Mill Levy Override, District Run Public Schools and Public Charter Schools receive the same amount of funding from the state, HOWEVER, out of that funding, the Public Charter Schools are required to pay for their own facilities, maintenance, etc. The District Run Public Schools are not required to pay for those things out of that funding. So, in the end, the District Run Public Schools have a lot more money per pupil to work with than the Public Charter Schools do.

Because the Public Charter Schools have a flexibility over their budgets, they are able to provide a top notch educational experience despite this funding discrepancy. Public Charter Schools rely heavily on parent volunteers to make ends meet.

That said, the Mill Levy Override is something ALL taxpayers are paying, and it should be for ALL public school children. The fact that the Public Charter School kids are being left out is egregious.

Here are some great links to more information about what’s happening:

What Does Choice Look Like in JeffCo?

Bill Kottenstette: The Roundup with Alicia Caldwell (This goes to a video, so sound will play if you have your speakers on when you go to this link.)

More Money From the State

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ON EQUITY IN JEFFCO CHARTER SCHOOL FUNDING (Prepared by Jeffco Charter School Consortium, April 21, 2014)

What can I do to help?

  • Email the Board of Education with your concerns regarding the Equalization of Mill Levy Override Funds and how important it is for ALL public school students in Jefferson County, INCLUDING PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOL KIDS, to receive that funding!

Email the Board by clicking here.

  • Attend a Board of Education Meeting in person.

I have emailed the Board of Education; I spoke at one of the meetings, and I’ve attended another meeting as a member of the audience. If you’d like to speak in front of the Board, you can sign up to do so on the website. All information about the meeting locations and times can be found on their website.

  • Be aware of the information that’s being put out by (and to) the Board of Education. Here is how to find other letters:

Go to the Board Docs website.
Click on the meeting you’d like to see.
Click on the Agenda.
On the Agenda, find the Correspondence section and click on the file icon.
Read to your heart’s content.

What else can I do?

  • Dispel the rumors you hear about Public Charter Schools! Feel free to send people a link to this page if they want more information.

Mrs. Rasmussen Ingalls Wilder?

Today, in honor of Pioneer Day, Mrs. Rasmussen has donned her pioneer garb and will be teaching Claire’s class how to make butter.

No, really! I just can’t make this stuff up. No one can claim that I’m not a good sport. What I lack in skill I make up for in costume.

Claire, the little pioneer girl!

Pioneer Ladies

Elected to the Board of Directors

Well, it’s official! I’ve been elected to our charter school’s Board of Directors! I am SO excited for this opportunity and to start this next chapter!

Science Fair 2014

Sciene Fair 2014

Claire grew crystals for the Science Fair!


Solutions Mixed

The Control


Both Salts 10 Days side view


Both Salts 10 Days


Epsom Salt 10 Days


Epsom Salt Closeup

Plain Salt 10 Days








Obligatory First Day of School Photo

2nd Grade, here she comes!

Hedgehog in motion

School starts Monday? Where has this summer gone? It’s a blur. …not unlike a hedgehog in motion.

Science Fair Project: Paper Chromatography

Longtime readers of The Casual Perfectionist may recognize Claire’s topic!  We’ve been dabbling in Paper Chromatography for years. She thought of some ways to adapt it into an experiment for her very first Science Fair, and here is the result!

Yes, she did the work herself. Yes, I was allowed to offer “minimal parental involvement,” which I did. Gladly. I love this stuff, too!

She presented to the judges today and was so happy to bring home a ribbon and certificate.  She had SO much FUN!

We are so proud of her!

In true Claire-style, she’s already gathering ideas for next year.