Letterboxing Essentials:  Journal to record your find, ink pads & personal stamp, pen, and compass.  (First Aid Kit and Garden Gloves not necessary, but recommended.)

Yes, we’re hooked on Letterboxing!

What is Letterboxing?  It’s a modern-day twist on treasure hunting.  The goal?  To solve puzzles and decipher codes in order to find hidden boxes (or pouches) containing a carved rubber stamp.  It’s a lot like geocaching, but you don’t need a GPS device to play this game, and you don’t “take something, leave something,” other than stamping the image of the carve in your journal and leaving an imprint of your stamp in the logbook.  All of this is done with the utmost in stealth and cunning.  😉

Check out this link to learn more about Letterboxing and how we got started.

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In addition to our Letterboxing Logbook (online and in real life, as seen above), I’ve decided to record our letterboxes tally here, too!


(…since August 15, 2010, the day we started this crazy adventure!)

In the Following States:
1. Colorado
2. California
3. Hawaii
4. Nebraska
5. Iowa
6. Missouri
7. New Mexico
8. Wyoming
9. Utah
10. Idaho
11. Oregon
12. Washington
13. Montana
14. Texas
15. Oklahoma
16. Arizona
17. Florida

We’ve also found some letterboxes in a foreign country: Canada!

We’ve also started making our own that we’ve hidden! Here’s the list of those!


1. Butterfly at the Lake – Planted June 16, 2011 [MISSING]
2. The Art Dragon – Planted June 19, 2011 [REMOVED AFTER A HARROWING ESCAPE. Yes, really!]
3. Ladybug – Planted, June 21, 2011 [MISSING]
4. Tempus Suorum Est Solis – Planted July 20, 2011 [MISSING]
5. The Girl in the Pink Hat – Planted July 21, 2011 [MISSING]
6. Mrs. Frisby – Planted July 26, 2011
7. Claire’s Five (Series of 5 letterboxes) Box #1: Friend – Planted July 29, 2011 [MISSING]
8. Claire’s Five: Box #2: Outdoor Adventure [MISSING]
9. Claire’s Five: Box #3: Royalty [MISSING]
10. Claire’s Five: Box #4: Beauty [MISSING]
11. Claire’s Five: Box #5: Wizardry [SAVED! …and removed.]
12. Rapunzel’s Tower – Planted August 5, 2011 [RETIRED – we were worried about the grounds crew doing maintenance on the scraggly shrubs!]
13. Swallowtail – Planted June 26, 2012 [MISSING]
14. Honu Goes to Tea – Debuted December 18, 2012 for a special occasion and then retired.

1. Stamp Stanley. (I’ve written about our adventures in carving our first letterbox and posted it here! He was sent on his journey June 13, 2011.)

2. Colorado Dragonfly – released in Santa Fe, NM on July 2, 2011.

All of the details for these can be found at Atlas Quest by clicking here.

Happy Hunting!

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