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A Cheezy Valentine, Indeed!

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Here is the Valentine I made for my hubby this year.

The front is in binary.

The front is in binary.

And, here is what it all means:

The back has the translation.

The back has the translation.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

And I’m hand-writing his Valentine in binary.

If you’ve spent any time at all online or around computers or with computer people, you’ve heard of binary.  Without getting too technical, it’s the little ones and zeros that make computers tick…so to speak.

My husband is a computer-guy, through and through.  He loves talking in a monotone robotic voice saying, “One or zero.  One or Zero.  One or Zero,” whenever he feels as though he’s not getting a definitive answer from me.

Sometimes I comply and offer a binary answer.  Sometimes I prefer to give the answer hand-written in cursive with a colored ink pen on delicate stationery, neatly folded and slipped inside a matching envelope and spritzed with my favorite perfume.

Those are the answers that really bring out the robot voice.  😉

The other day, I saw an online comic that incorporated binary into part of the drawing, and it made me laugh.  I thought the artist was just making a point that the ones and zeros of the computer code would be funny there.  I saw it as artistic license.  How clever!

I showed the comic to my hubby, and his first response was to ask if I’d translated the binary.

“You can do that?” I asked.

He laughed and opened up a new tab in the browser.  With a few keystrokes he translated that part of the comic.

I don’t know which was funnier, the comic or the fact that my hubby translated the binary…and it made sense!  Either way, I had a greater appreciation for the comic…and my hubby!  They were even funnier than I’d first thought!  😉

For those of you not fluent in binary, click here for a cool translator.

And, it’s a good thing my hubby knows where this translator is, because I have a feeling that the next time he asks me for a binary answer, he’s going to get this:



Feel free to leave me a message in the comment section…in binary.  I’m up for the challenge! Are you?  I’ll warn you…it’s much easier than it looks and quite addictive once you get started.

Edited to add:  I wasn’t kidding about the Valentine!  Check it out… 😉