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Where’s the cake?

I can’t let this week slip by without mentioning a milestone of sorts…

July 22nd was The Casual Perfectionist’s 2-year birthday! Can you believe it? So far, we’ve survived the last few days without many tantrums, but the week isn’t over yet. 😉

Now, if you look in the archives, you’ll see things written back in May of 2007, but as I mention there, those were all post-dated with things I’d written offline. The official go-live date of the blog was July 22, 2007.

So, here we are two years and 936 posts later (937 if you count this one), and the story has only just begun.

Thank you for following along with me! I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

NaBloPoMo is easy when you have an extra blogger in the house.

Momma and Daddy are getting Claire a real “big girl bed” for her room for her birthday. We found the one we wanted at a Major Retailer and then decided to peruse Craigslist to see what we could see.

Imagine our surprise at finding the exact bed for not even 1/3 of the cost, AND the sellers were including a bookshelf for free. Sweet!

My hubby went to check it out, and it was perfect. It was in excellent condition and really was the exact one we were looking at buying new. Needless to say, we were happy to take the pieces off their hands for less than we’d budgeted.

To get all the pieces home in his car, he had to dismantle the shelving unit, and the bed barely fit, but he made it! For the last few weeks, he’s been working on getting the bookshelf back together and making a bedrail (from our old crib parts) for the bed.

We found an awesome deal on a brand-new twin mattress, so we’re all set!

This last weekend, I helped him move the bed back out to the garage so that he can put the finishing touches on it. Claire knows that “Daddy’s project” is in the garage, which is why we’ve been parking in the driveway the last couple of days, but she has no idea what’s in store. I can’t wait to see her face.

Just seeing how excited she was about the bookshelf when we brought it up to Momma’s office on Sunday was awesome. She was thrilled.

Click to enlarge.

She likes to rearrange the occupants of the shelves.

She likes to rearrange the occupants of the shelves.

And, with some adjustments, she likes to type her blog.

And, with some adjustments, she likes to type her blog.

Those are her words. She uses, “I need to type my blog first!” as an excuse to not do things promptly. And, how can you argue with that? I mean, blogging is important…especially during NaBloPoMo! 😉

Today is Day 26 of 30 in the NaBloPoMo Challenge! Check it out!

Almost Three!

It’s October 30th…and do you know what that means??  Claire turns THREE IN ONE MONTH!!

Click to enlarge:  35-months old, and she’s already a blogger!

Click to enlarge: 35-months old, and she’s already a blogger!

Claire said, “Momma!  Take a picture of me typing my blog!”  I asked her what she was writing about, and she said, “You!”  And then she started laughing maniacally.  If that doesn’t sum up what it’s like to be Almost Three, I don’t know what does!  😉

It seems like just a few months ago I was writing about her turning Almost Two.  It really is amazing how fast the time flies!

You know what?  Two hasn’t really been that terrible.  Yes, we’ve had our challenges, but we’ve had more fun than not, more laughter than tears, and more crazy runnings-around than temper tantrums.

In fact, the hardest thing about dealing with Two is not laughing when you’re supposed to have a dead-serious straight face.  Who knew disciplining a child would be so comical!?

And laughing hysterically at someone in distress is not only rude, but doesn’t quite bring the proper solemnity to the situation.


She teaches me something new every day, and I love that.

So Three is almost here…and I think I’ve seen her peeking her ornery little head out from behind a corner every now and then.

And from these tiny glimpses of Three, I can tell I have my work cut out for me.  I’m going to be doing a lot of deep breathing, giving myself good wrinkles, and counting.  Or maybe I’ll do the alphabet.  You know?  I’ve always wanted to be able to rattle off the alphabet backwards…maybe I’ll practice that.  I should be really good at it by the time Four gets here.

We have one month left before we officially enter Year Three.  I have a feeling that this year will be a delicate balance of continuing to encourage the independence she already has and managing the stubbornness that is so deeply ingrained.  In fact, the line between those two is so blurry that I sometimes forget which is which.

And, yes…yes…if we’re being completely honest, she totally takes after me.  I’m very independent and stubborn.  (Not to mention bossy and a know-it-all…)  But, I also enjoy being creative and I love solving problems, so hopefully our strengths and weaknesses can play off of each other.

I have a feeling that Year Three will be just as much fun as Year Two.