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Not a Summer Camp for Shoes

So, last weekend, I went to a Boot Camp. One of my friends had invited me to join her at this free event put on by her gym. I figured, “Why not?” I’d always been curious as to what these entailed, and now that I’m in the midst of doing the 30 Day Shred again, I wanted to see what all I could do.

Plus, how bad could it be?

I deal with pain and the potential for pain with humor, so it was no surprise that my Twitter Updates and Facebook Statuses up to that day were filled with questions about Boot Camp and if it was like a Summer Camp for Shoes.

I can’t say I was surprised to find out that it was just what I thought it would be. Deep down, I knew it would be hard.

I try to keep this blog clean, for the most part, so I will refrain from using the language necessary to describe this Boot Camp.

There were no songs. There were no crafts. There were no marshmallows to roast. And, no one even wore their boots. I feel totally misled! 😉

It was an hour of pure torture. I can honestly say that without my experience with The Shred, or getting to this place weight-wise in the first place, I would have died. I would have keeled over on the lawn and collapsed. It was intense!

After the HOUR (yes, HOUR) was over, I was exhausted, but I didn’t feel too bad. My friend asked me if I’d consider doing another one, and I heard my voice say I would. Then I laughed and joked that I’d give her an answer tomorrow.

Well, the next day rolled around, and I almost sent her a text that read, “I hate you.” But, I’ve seen enough Law & Orders to know that things like that taken out of context are never a good thing. Plus, the strength needed to open my cell phone was proving to be too much for me.

My whole entire body was broken. I’m not sure how it happened, which of the running laps or sprints or jumping jacks or squats or pushups or kickboxing routines (on repeat) was the final straw, but my body was broken. Maybe it was the part where they made us run up and over the picnic tables? I don’t know.

My husband wouldn’t let me do my next day of the Shred. I didn’t have the energy to fight him, and I figured that 60 full-minutes of Shred-like workouts should count for something.

I’m still sore, but I have almost a full-range-of-motion in my extremities back. I am back onto the routine now, after taking a break for a couple of days. And, if you have a problem with that, I’ll show you some of the kickboxing moves I learned. 🙂 You think I’m kidding? At one point one of the three massively muscular trainers was giving me a hard time, er, I mean “being encouraging,” and I asked him if we could go back to those moves and use his head as a target. He thought I was kidding.


But, I did it! I completed a Boot Camp without barfing and without passing out. Yes, those really were my two goals.

Will I do it again?
Ask me when the drugs have worn off…