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Painting, Painting, Painting, and More Painting

Posting will be light this week, as I’m painting. (If you can’t tell by the title…) 😉

In fact, I painted for 8.5 hours yesterday. (Yes, for real.)

That does not count the hour break I took to eat lunch and go get more paint. This does not count the time I spent painting the cabinet doors on Friday and Saturday or the hours we spent painting on Sunday. Yesterday, I was all alone in the painting arena, but I had help on Sunday.

She did a great job!

Well, my allotted break-time is over.  I’m such a meticulous slow painter that there is no time to stand around here!

In fact, if you stand still long enough around here, you’re likely to be painted with primer, two coats of white and then however many coats of “Baked Brie” it takes to make you look nice on the outside. 🙂

What “DIY” REALLY means to me.

Yes, it’s true! We are in the midst of a “minor” Kitchen Remodel. No, I’m not sure what we were thinking, but it sounded like a good idea at the time…  😉

Over at Mile High Mamas, I wrote about our forays into the wonderful world of DIY. We’ve been doing this for over 9-years now. Can you believe it?

Go check it out!

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