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Do you notice anything different?

When Claire was not even a month old, one of my sisters crocheted a cute little outfit for her.

Claire in the same outfit

Claire was so cute in it, and kept trying to eat the tasty flower bow throughout the whole photoshoot.

When she grew out of it, I tucked it away in her closet for safe-keeping.  It was much too special to put in the donation/sell bin.

Well, now that Baby Rose has come to live with us, I got out the outfit for her to use. Here is a photo I took of Claire and Baby Rose this morning.  You’ll notice the same outfit, but do you notice anything different, other than the fact that four years has somehow zipped by in the blink of an eye?  Do you notice anything different about Claire?

Baby Rose and Claire

She has granted me permission to post this photo. In it is something that she is so excited about…a special milestone that I’ll talk about soon…

…a milestone other than the fact that I’ve become a Grandmother much earlier than I anticipated. 😉