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Shadow Swinging & a Canopy of Blossoms

We had so much fun taking photos today on our Letterboxing Adventure! I love this time of year!

One Year Ago Today…

One year ago today, I posted this as my FB status: “First Letterboxing Adventure a HUGE success & even more so when Momma remembered how to read a compass. Can’t wait to find the next one!!”

Isn’t it handy that it tells me that?

Today has been on our radar for a while now…our One Year Anniversary for Letterboxing. When we started, I was just happy to find one. I thought finding 50 seemed really far off.

Today, we wrapped our yearly total at 130. (We’ve planted a dozen!)

That’s a lot of adventures.

I’ve shared some of those stories, and I plan to share some more. With school starting on Monday, we’ll go back to our “finding only one or so a month” routine. I wonder what kinds of adventures the next year will bring?

Colorado Dragonfly

I have lots to share about our adventures in Santa Fe! Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here is the newest addition to our carving collection:

Colorado Dragonfly: She's TINY, as you can see by the quarter in the photo.

This is a Hitchhiker I carved and we released at a Hitchhiker Hostel (yes, such a thing exists!) in New Mexico!

Here is Colorado Dragonfly’s official AtasQuest listing.


Look out!
…we’re on a Letterboxing roll!

Check out our latest.

The Art Dragon

We’re at it again!

Go find the dragon…if you dare!

Butterfly at the Lake

…and just like that, we’ve planted our first traditional letterbox!

Here’s the clue!

Oh my goodness, this is so exciting; I can hardly stand it!

Stamp Stanley, the Hitchhiker

I’m sure you’ve heard of Flat Stanley. He’s the little paper guy that gets himself mailed all over the world to the delight of Elementary Students everywhere. (If I had a penny for every Flat Stanley has come to Colorado via one of my friends, I’d have a lot of pennies.)

Claire and I have been wanting to create our own letterboxes ever since we got hooked on this hobby back in August. It wasn’t as high on our priority list as finding them, but we knew we’d do it someday.

Well, this day has come. After finally locating the supplies we needed this weekend, we’ve started carving. (It’s harder than you may think to find supplies in our area, which is awesome since Letterboxing is all about the hunt!)

Carving Supplies. Locals, the Michael's in Superior carries these. Don't bother looking in a smaller store. You're welcome. 😉

We opted to start with a Hitchhiker so that we could get one out there quickly. A traditional letterbox requires premeditation and then action based on those things: a superb hiding place, a tricky clue, etc. Plus, we have log-books and carving supplies, but we don’t have any of the Lock-it boxes yet. Patience is not our forte, so we’ve gone the quick route for our first letterbox.

A hitchhiker requires a carve and a tiny container. Daddy just finished all the Altoids in his “mini box,” so we took that as a sign.

We got the idea to do a Stamp Stanley because who else would love to travel?

Carving Stamp Stanley. I sat out on the deck to carve him last night. Perfect!

Wooden Block Backing: Daddy insisted on making a more professional looking back to Stamp Stanley that would help him hold-up under the pressure of all this travel. It's a nice touch!

Stamp Stanley is complete!

Claire and Stamp Stanley

All ready to go!

Goodbye Stamp Stanley! We hid him in a box in Denver that gets a lot of traffic. Enjoy your travels! We hope to hear from you soon!

Here is a link to his spot at Atlas Quest.

The Perfect Day for a Letterboxing Adventure

When we woke up, it was pouring rain, despite the forecast saying it would be sunny and near 70.  But, in true Colorado-style, everything took a turn for the better and the forecast proved to be right.

It was the perfect day to zip down after school and meet some friends at our monthly meeting spot for a Letterboxing Adventure.  (We found box number 45!  Hurray for little mini-milestones!)

I love it when a plan comes together!

And then we picked up another hitchhiker

Have you tried Letterboxing yet?

We’re still somewhat obsessed about it. Check out the tab at the top of the page to see how many we have found now. I’ll give you a hint…as of the publication of this post…it rhymes with smorty. 😉

Today, we went letterboxing with some friends downtown. We stopped to get the one at Union Station first and then went to find another one in the area. Daddy then picked us up and took Claire and me out to lunch at a place that is also home to a hidden letterbox! And, in with that carving, we found a hitchhiker!

It’s not every day you can be excited about picking up a hitchhiker, and it’s certainly not every day you actively try to find a home for one.

Oh no. This means we’ll be forced to go letterboxing again soon. Darn. 😉

Letterboxing Hawaii

While in Hawaii, we took the opportunity to find some Letterboxes! We ended up finding five of them: three on Maui and two on Kauai.

We attempted another two in Maui and another one in Kauai, but to no avail.

Still, even if you don’t find a Letterbox, you’re still in Hawaii!

I dare say my husband is hooked. Prior to our trip, Claire and I have been Letterboxing buddies. (I’d asked Claire if it was okay to go letterboxing without her, and she was fine with it.  She was excited to see the new stamps!)  Daddy has declined joining us, and I never pressed the issue. I knew he’d love it, but it’s something he’d have to figure out on his own.

Well, by the time we’d searched for our second one in Hawaii, I could tell he was just as excited about it as I was.  Now, instead of a little preschooler saying, “Let’s just look a few more minutes, Momma!” the pleas came from someone a little taller with a deeper voice.  Always thinking the same thing, I was happy to oblige.

The cool thing about Letterboxing in Hawaii was it gave us an excuse to see things we would have never seen otherwise. I mean, there is so much to see in Hawaii…you have to draw the line somewhere.

One place we wanted to see was the Black Sand Beach of Maui. Yes, there is a black sand beach on Maui, and it was in our guide book. It had also come highly recommended by some other people. Imagine my surprise at finding clues to a Letterbox near that very beach!

I printed the clues in advance, since I wasn’t sure if I’d have coverage (I did, mostly, but it’s best to be prepared).   We explored the beach, but could NOT find the Letterbox.  The clues weren’t making sense, which is a sure sign that we were in the wrong place.  For the life of us, we could NOT find the right trail where we were supposed to be on at that beach!

We decided to have a picnic lunch at the park there, rather than bite each other’s heads off over a silly Letterbox. Not being able to figure out clues can make one grumpy…one of the only dangers of Letterboxing, if you don’t count bees, spiders, and falling rocks (that’s a story for another time.)  After eating, we had renewed patience and energy, and we did what all good Letterboxers do:  We started back at the beginning of the clue.

And guess what??

We found the elusive trail! The trail was one of the coolest we’ve ever been on!

You can't tell from the picture how dark and wonderful this trail is! It was very private.

It was secluded!

We would have never found it without knowing it existed, and we wouldn’t have known it existed without the Letterbox clue.

As soon as we found it, the clues just fell into place.

I found the box!

We found an even more secluded area off the main trail for me to do the stamp transfers!

He stood guard and pretended to take photos of the view…

...but he really took photos of me.

He also took photos of the view.

And that’s one reason why Letterboxing in Hawaii was so much fun. All we needed to be “sneaky” was to make sure our camera was out. “Don’t mind us,” we’d think to ourselves. “We’re just taking photos of the scenery.”

And, it was almost always true.