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Lost without Lost

I can’t believe I’m missing the Lost Finale!
I can’t believe they’re making us wait until next year for the next season!
I can’t believe that next season is the last season.
I can’t believe I willingly come back for more.

But, I do.
And, I’m not alone.

And somehow that makes it a little better.

So, until next year Losties!

Yes, I’ll do a Lost Observations post on the two remaining episodes when I get a chance…stay tuned!

Can you take Benadryl™ for that?

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted my “Lost Observations” for The Variable yet. Well, I’ve had a lot to do, and I’ve had some other things that needed to post before it. And, well, I’m not even here.

Wait. What!?

And, odds are, I missed the episode last night, and I’m going to miss the finale.

I’m sorry…what!?

Yeah, when I scheduled this trip, the dates were what they were. There is no way to adjust for a television show.

It will be okay.
No, for real.

This vacation means more to me than any show ever could. Plus, we have DiVO. And, we’ll have a long, sad NINE MONTHS (The new season starts in January 2010, right!?) to watch them over and over if we so choose.

I hate being spoiled, but I’m not sure how to avoid it. The odds of me finding out who dies or doesn’t die or how they leave us hanging are quite high, but I’ve come to terms with it.

I would break out into hives, but I don’t think you can take Benadryl™ for Lost-induced emotional issues.

So, while you’ve already seen the next episode, here are my thoughts about the last one, The Variable:

  • This episode was amazing in how nonchalantly they confirmed a bunch of information. For example, Widmore staged the plane at the bottom of the ocean. Widmore is Daniel’s father. Eloise Hawking is Ellie, The Other.
  • So, is Dan dead-dead, as in really dead? You already know, so don’t tell me.  I would believe anything at this point.
  • Did Ms. Hawking remember shooting her own son? It was, after all, her “past.” And, if so, how hard would it be to know that you eventually kill your own son?
  • What are her motives for doing any of this?
  • The previews eluded to Jack and Kate trying to follow through with Daniel’s plans. He’d said that if they changed things, Oceanic 815 would eventually land in Los Angeles. If that happened, what would become of JiYeon?
  • And, if what happened, happened, but they changed things, what happened would still have to happen to change things, but it can’t happen if they changed things. Right?

Here’s a tissue. Your nose is bleeding.

To catch up with people who are actually present and accounted for regarding Lost discussions, be sure to check in at Therese’s blog.  You know it will be one of my first stops back when we return to civilization…but not after we’ve had a marathon 3-hour viewing session. 😉

Lost Observations: Some Like it Hoth

It’s my understanding that this week’s episode of Lost is a recap, and not really a new episode. I suppose I’m okay with it. Like I have a choice!

So, let’s get on with something I’ve wanted to talk about since watching Some Like it Hoth. I mean, we have what appears to be a 3rd party on the scene. I mean, who are the “Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue?” people? Widmore? Ben? Original Dharma? And, I love episodes that have a lot of Hurley in them.

But, that’s not what I really want to talk about.
I want to talk about how you win some and you lose some…and what would that be?

Well, part of my Lost Time-Travel Theory was finally blown out of the water last Wednesday, but I’m okay with that. Wanna know why? Because I’d gladly be wrong about something if it means we get more answers.

Most of my theory is still standing, so there is that.  😉 Plus, almost 3-months without being picked-apart is pretty good, if I do say so myself.  🙂

This latest episode, Some Like it Hoth was Miles-centric, and I’m glad we finally got some more back-story on him. It was rumored that he was Dr. Chang’s son, so it wasn’t too shocking for me when they confirmed that.

What blew part of my theory out of the water?

Miles saw himself. Somehow, there was a copy of himself back in 1977. Now, he didn’t touch or interact with his younger self, so there is still the question of what happens in that event.

AND! Daniel Faraday comes off the sub at the end of the episode, so presumably, he was off the island in 1977, so there was another copy of him existing in the same realm there, too. Right?

I still, however, have a firm grasp on what can happen to whomever, based on their timeline. For example, Young Ben can’t die in 1977, because we know that he’s alive in 2004. 1977 is his Past. But, Hurley or Sawyer or any of the other Losties stuck in 1977 can die in 1977, because it’s their Present.

Where it becomes tricky is where something Miles-v.2004 does in 1977, could impact his own future. That’s where all the looping makes me dizzy. (For example, what if Miles-v.2004 warns Dr. Chang about what’s going to happen, and it’s because of his warning that Miles-v.1977 and his mother leave the island, forever hating Dr. Chang?)

The other question I have is, what if the future goes farther than we know? How far in the future does it all go? In other words, someone somewhere could be saying, “Well, I know that Hurley doesn’t die in this version of 1977, but really is his Past. Do you know what I mean? Does that make sense?

Well, as much sense as time-travel makes, I guess. 🙂

Lost Observations: Dead is dead

Tonight is a new episode of Lost! The last episode, Dead is dead was pretty straight forward but I still took notes. For real. Don’t judge.

Let’s get started:

  • Ben says, “Dead is dead.” Ben lies. Ben lied throughout the entire episode (let alone show), to different people, saying contradictory things. Is dead dead? Or, is the concept of death dead?
  • Even liars tell the truth sometimes.
  • It was nice to see what happened when Ben stole Alex. My heart went out to Danielle in that moment. I can’t imagine living without my child. And, why did Widmore want her dead? Why was Ben so certain that Alex would be safer with The Others?
  • I did NOT see that coming with Cesar!!
  • “Friends are significantly more dangerous than enemies, John.”  Interesting, Ben. Interesting.

Can I just interrupt my Lost Notes to say how much I love the new 3G Sprint Network Commercial? We don’t normally watch the commercials, but that one we watched twice. So clever! (I LOVE that the little Twitter Birds are all saying, “Me!”)

…but back to Lost

  • I want to know why Widmore was banished. They rattled off a whole list of indiscretions, but it’s hard to tell what was the real reason.
  • So, Ben was attacking Penny on the boat dock, which is why he was all banged up when he got on the plane! But! Penny lives! Right? Is Desmond shot, or did the gallon of milk deflect the bullet? (Sounds like a case for Mythbusters, if that’s the case…)
  • Ben is “judged” by Smokey. Ben is spared. Alex appears. Is Alex dead, or is dead dead? Dead is dead. Right?

Until tonight!

Lost Observations: Whatever Happened, Happened

Well, it’s that time again! Another new episode of Lost is airing tonight, and I can’t wait!

I’m assuming you’ve seen Whatever Happened, Happened, so let’s just get to it. This post won’t be nearly as long as others, because this one was pretty straight-forward to me.

  • Finally, we get to see Cassidy’s story, and we find out what Sawyer whispered to Kate before he jumped from the helicopter! Speculation was that he told her about Clementine and Cassidy, but now we know for sure.
  • Oddly enough, I don’t trust Cassidy for some reason. She’s been known to pull off a few cons in her day, too. Something just doesn’t sit right with me about her.
  • I love Miles. I love his caustic humor. I love the fact that he and Hurley basically got into the exact debate that has been happening in chat-rooms around the world. I can see both sides of this. How does one sort out the “real” rules of time-travel, exactly? 😉 But, I totally followed Miles explanation of people’s past, present and future. And, I understood his pain. I loved the part when he gave Hurley the gun and asked him to shoot him. ”Please.” Ha! And, my response to Hurley’s question about whether or not Ben remembered Sayid from his past is, “Who knows? Maybe he did. Like we’ve ever been able to trust Ben Linus.”
  • I don’t like Kate. I never have. That being said, the reason she gave for returning to the island (to find Claire) almost redeems her. Almost.
  • So, Ben is taken to the Others to be saved. In exchange for this, he will “lose his innocence” and not be able to “remember this.” Remember what, exactly? Isn’t his innocence on the way out? He stole his dad’s keys and set a van on fire to free a presumed Hostile. Right? This supposed memory loss is convenient and just ambiguous enough to cover a lot of things. Interesting.
  • And, is it just me, or did Roger “Work Man” Linus seem like a “changed” man when his son’s life was hanging in the balance? This man was not the man who sat in the van with the Older Ben when The Purge started. Maybe Ben’s life was always in danger and Roger went back to being a terrible person after the threat was gone?  Or, has the interference of the Losties changed him?
  • As for the What Happened, Happened Theory, I’m still not 100% on board. I don’t think it includes every minute detail. I don’t think it’s a constant (no pun intended…oh, who am I kidding!? I totally intended that pun). I do think the major things happened. But, I think my main beef with it is the implication of the world “always.” Sayid didn’t “always” shoot Ben. He didn’t shoot Ben until after the plane crash. At least on his time-line. Desmond can change things. Faraday can change things. And, if it can be changed, it didn’t always happen, did it?

Or maybe it did.

Either things change or they don’t. They can or they can’t.

Or, maybe they used to, but now they aren’t. And, if so, was it always that way?

I guess we’ll find out soon enough. 🙂

Lost Observations: He’s Our You

Is it just me, or do we seem to be careening toward the end of Lost Season 5 with incredible speed? How is it the breaks take so long and the running of the show goes by so quickly?

Oh well, all we can do is enjoy it while we can!

The next episode is on tonight, so I’m assuming you’ve seen this latest episode, He’s Our You. If not, you’ve probably already been spoiled by what happens at the end. If you’ve read this far into the post, you either watched it live or close to it…so I feel safe in continuing.

I love that we get some more back-story into Sayid’s time off the island. I was a little surprised to find out that his falling out with Ben didn’t have to do with being asked to kill someone he didn’t want to kill (i.e. Penny or Desmond or John).

And, this episode had some of the best quotes! “Maybe I should’ve used HALF a dropper? Ooops,” by Oldham (aka Larry sans both brothers Darryl). He was the reference to the title of this episode, by the way. Sawyer tells Sayid that Oldham was their torturer…their him. And, “A 12-year old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I’m doing?” Ha!

But…the end. WOW. The end.

My husband and I sat in shocked silence at the end of the episode. “WOW. WHAT!?” was all we could say. “Well, he just broke the most important rule of time-traveling,” my hubby said.

“Or maybe he didn’t?” I squeaked out, not sure what to believe anymore.

I mean, the realistic part of my brain says that Ben is not dead. Sayid did not kill him…mainly because Ben existed in 2004, so he couldn’t have died in 1977.

But, the part of my brain that has fully accepted time-travel, smoke monsters, and islands that have magical properties doesn’t know what to think anymore. What’s possible? Anything, apparently.

Surviving a plane crash on a deserted island? Totally possible.

Being attacked by polar bears in a tropical climate? Totally possible.

Seeing and communicating with dead people? Totally possible.

Skipping through time on a wacky island because some crazy guy turned a frozen donkey wheel? Totally possible.

Being shot in the chest by someone from the future while he is traveling through time and surviving without immediate medical attention? Totally possible.

See? Totally possible. All of it. 😉

I frequent a chat hosted by Therese at Tubular, and one of the commenters reminded us of the story of the frog in the pot of boiling water. If the frog is placed in the pot when the water is bearable, he doesn’t realize it’s getting hot enough to boil until it’s too late. Place that frog in a pot of water that is already boiling, and he’ll jump out.

I’ve been in the pot a long time, and it’s a good thing I love hot baths.

So, how are they going to get out of this one? Either the island (universe?) has a LOT of course correcting to do…or it already is. Think about that. Which is the real time-line and which is a loop. What part of the “what happened, happened” theory is the part that happened?

I think major events happened. I think the details surrounding those things can change, but they don’t change the major event. (Ethan was born on the island. Did Juliet always help? Who knows.) The hard part is figuring out what’s a major event and what isn’t…let alone figuring out where we are, when we are, and what we’re seeing. Is Ben always shot by Sayid? I don’t know. That’s hard for me to swallow, but it’s not impossible.

Give me enough information, and I’ll accept pretty much anything at this point.

I mean, the water’s getting to be just right. Oh, look at the pretty bubbles. 🙂

Lost Observations: Namaste

I thought most of this episode was pretty straight forward.  I loved it!

Most everyone has seen this episode, and the new one is tonight, so let’s get to it!

So, they finally confirmed that Ben and Sun didn’t flash with the others to 1977. How bizarre! Ben, I can understand (as well as you can in a situation like this!), because he wasn’t part of the Oceanic Flight in the first place. Sun’s situation is more curious.

I personally think that Ben didn’t flash back to 1977 because he was already on the island in 1977.  (As we see in his exchange with Sayid in the cell! Do you think Ben “remembers” meeting Sayid in the past when Sayid goes to interrogate him when he’s captured as Henry Gale?)

Like I said in my Lost Time-Travel Theory (which is still holding up, by the way!!) I think the island frowns upon two bodies in the same time-line, which is why Charlotte disappeared after her brain turned to mush.  As soon as we actually see someone see a version of themselves, I’ll make some adjustments.  But so far, we’ve yet to see that.

I wonder if the fact that Sun was pregnant when she left has something to do with why she didn’t flash to the past?  (Or wouldn’t it be weird if she and her family did a stint on the island around that time, too?)  Who knows!

Speaking of Sun, I think my favorite line of the whole night was the look on her face and her, “I lied.” We actually cheered out loud. Sawyer’s line about “not being Nostradamus to these people” was a close second.

And, if Locke was “resurrected” when he crashed onto the island, isn’t it possible that Christian was “resurrected” too?  Maybe there was some masterful plot to get Jack to bring his body back so that he could live again.  (If they were indeed dead.)

Then again, what is dead when this wacky island is involved?  🙂

I am glad we know who the baby is, and I’m interested in seeing why Ethan wasn’t a victim of the purge.  I LOVE the role-reversal of Jack and Sawyer.  I laughed out loud when I saw that Hurley was the Chef.

The exchange between Christian, Sun and Frank is curious. I don’t remember the building by the dock on Hydra Island (where the submarine was and subsequently blown to bits by Locke) being in such disarray, but I’m not sure if we ever saw it? And, isn’t it weird that The Others would have left it that way after taking over after the purge? Maybe something “changed” in the past after all!

OH! And, speaking of the person who thinks they know all about time and space, I can’t wait to see where Faraday is! Sawyer LaFleur mentioned that he was no longer around. Interesting!

I can’t wait to see what they throw at us tonight!

Lost Observations: LaFleur

Last week’s episode of Lost may have been one of the best episodes of Lost to this point, in my opinion. In fact, it was so good that I totally counted it as one of my birthday presents, thankyouverymuch.

Oh, and Therese at Tubular has a re-cap of the episode posted!  Click here to check it out!

Okay, okay. In the interests of full disclosure, I must admit, I’m a Sawyer fan. I am. I always have been. I always will be. I’ve never really cared about the love connections between Sawyer and Kate or Jack and Kate or how Juliet plays into the whole thing, because in the end, he’ll always be with me.

Just kidding!

Sawyer is a conman. He takes what’s given to him and uses it to his advantage. He’s great at hiding his true emotions, but he does have them. Just because he’s a conman doesn’t mean that everything he does is a con. But, it might be. That’s the beauty of it all.

I loved this episode because it really showed us who Sawyer is, but left us wondering about who he really is at the same time.

I *knew* LaFleur was going to be Sawyer. As soon as they went to knock on the Head of Security’s door, I shouted, “Ohmygosh, I bet it’s Sawyer!” Everyone thought I was nuts. No, I hadn’t seen any spoilers. I just *knew*. I can’t wait to see more of the story that led up to that point!

Now that we have my bias out of the way, let’s get to some of the nitty-gritty discussion. Personally, I think my Lost Time-Travel Theory is still standing! Yay! Specifically, the “you can only have one body on the island” part of it.

It is my opinion that Charlotte’s body “disappeared” when Daniel flashed into the 70s, because her body already existed on the island in the 70s, as the little girl Charlotte. Her body would have flashed with him from the ancient time and then been transformed to Charlotte…because she was already on the island.

Daniel has said that “what happened, happened…the past is a street, etc.” but does that account for the little loops they’re creating? Desmond is different and can change things? What else can be changed? Did Sawyer and Juliet “change” something by rescuing Amy? I think so. I think Daniel was talking about “streets” that had been paved before the frozen donkey wheel started jumping around making everything wonky.

Where I have a problem with a 100% “what happened, happened” theory is dealing with the loops and the “special” people. Daniel didn’t always talk to Desmond…he could because he was special. Some loops are opened, and will eventually be closed, little tributaries off the original stream.

We don’t know all the rules, and we’re trying to figure it all out anyway.

Where the 316ers are in relation to Sawyer’s group and the Oceanic 5 is still a mystery to me (and has nothing to do with my Lost Time-Travel theory…by the way.). I’m still not convinced that the 316ers are in the “present” time and not in the 70s with the O5, Sawyer, et al. (I think Daniel being in the Dharma time could be a reason as to why his papers were at the Hydra office.) I could be wrong, and I’m totally okay with that. Lots of people think they flashed into a different time. I just don’t think so. Hopefully we learn more about that soon!

Also, going back to the “you can only have one body” thing. Juliet and Sawyer et al can’t really go back to the mainland (in the 70s) without something weird happening with their nosebleedy brains…I really think you can only have one body. Again, that’s why Charlotte “disappeared.” If your “other self” in the past time-line wasn’t on the island, it’s not an issue. The island makes an exception.

In other words, the island is kinda like Vegas. What happened on the island, happened on the island. For example, the first time Sawyer experienced 1977, he was but a wee lad living in Tallahassee (or wherever). That happened. The second time Sawyer experienced 1977, he was in the Dharma Initiative on a crazy island. That happened.

Just how many happenings can happen? 😉 All of them. (The island is the key. It does something to time that hasn’t been explained yet.) It’s when the happening in Island 1977 collides with the happening in Real World 1977 that things get wonky. That’s why Charlotte had a meltdown. Her Real World 1977 jumped back and conflicted with her Island 1977.

These are just my theories…and time will tell, obviously (how punny!), but that’s my feeling.

Tonight, there will be no new episode of Lost, but rather than be lost without Lost, I just may watch my boyfriend LaFleur again.

And, if the truth be told, I’m just glad we know who’s in the coffin! 🙂

Lost Observations: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

I wasn’t really sure how to write about this episode, because I thought it was good, but not very confusing.  I mean, this episode of Lost seemed rather straight forward…until I started poking around online afterward.

Maybe it was more interesting than I thought!   (You notice what Lost has done to me, yes?  Confusing = interesting.  *sigh*)

When I watched it, it never occurred to me that some of the 316ers would be in a different time than some of the others.  I thought that since Kate, Hurley and Jack landed in a time when the van was spiffy and Jin was in a crisp Dharma suit (in the previous episode), that the rest of them landed there too.  Some people are thinking that Locke, Ben and the new people landed in the “present” while the rest of the O5 landed in the past.

I just didn’t get that…and I still don’t.  Cesar mentions that he saw Hurley “flash” out of the plane.  John could have too, right?  They wouldn’t have seen John do the same, because he would have been in the cargo hold with the coffin, right?  And, they found him standing in the water, so that leads me to believe that he didn’t “crash” with the plane.

Even though, I have a feeling Frank Lapidus would have a beef with the terminology “crash”…I mean, crash the plane!?  Just what kind of pilot do we think he is!?  😉

I’m hoping we find out more about this on Wednesday…but knowing Lost, who knows!

How much do you want to bet that Cesar and Ilana are working for Widmore?  Or Ben?  Or both?

In other news, WAAAALT!  It was nice to see him again.  Finally, they can see him in a role that accounts for his aging. 😉 The dream he had about John is kind of disturbing, and it will be interesting to see where this goes.

And, I also have a feeling that we’re not seeing all of the contact that John had with the O6 as Jeremy Bentham.  Jack mentioned that John told him terrible things happened on the island when he left, and from what we saw, John was just being his normal “broken record: you shouldn’t have left” self.

And, Ben killed Locke?  He talks him out of suicide (and would the island have let John kill himself anyway, or would he suffer Michael’s fate?) only to kill him?  Or is that why Ben kills him…because he knows the island isn’t done with him yet?  Interesting.   His motivations are always a mystery to me.

If you’re into spoilery things, check out the two video clips on this site. If you’d rather be surprised, don’t click over.

Edited to add:  Check out this recap by Therese at Tubular!

I can’t wait until Wednesday!  🙂

Oh, and to read more of my ramblings about Lost, be sure to check out the Lost: The Show Category.

Lost Observations: 316

Well, it’s that time again!  We’re just zipping through this season so quickly, and Lost is on again tonight!  I did hear rumblings of there being no new episode for March 4th, and just WHAT KIND of birthday present would that be!?  No one consulted me when they put the schedule together!!  😉

Oh well, this way, I can party it up next week without having to worry about missing out on a new episode of Lost!  🙂

Edited to add:  Maybe it is on next week?  I’d heard they were taking a break, but it looks like it’s on the schedule…hmmm…

My hubby had to work late last Wednesday, so I got to watch the episode in peace so I re-watched it with him last night.  The first thing he said was, “Does someone get smacked by the pendulum?”  And, I laughed out loud.  I’d thought the same thing!  I almost couldn’t focus on what Ms. Hawking was saying because I was so nervous about that swinging pendulum.  I thought Desmond was going to get whacked by that thing for sure!

No need for any spoilery warning, so let’s have at it!
So, what did we learn in this episode?  What questions do we have?

  • We know that Jack, Hurley and Kate make it back to the island.  Jack’s eye-opening scene is reminiscent of the way the show started and also the Missing Pieces episode.  Only, this time, he appears to be happy that whatever they’d done worked, and he’s back.
  • Hurley has a guitar case, and I can’t help but think of Charlie.
  • How Kate, Hurley, and Sayid (as we see later) are finally convinced to make the trip is still a mystery, and I wonder if we’ll find out the details surrounding that soon?
  • And, speaking of Kate’s reason for going back to the island, where is Aaron?  Why does she not want Jack to mention it again?  Is it just me, or was she acting uber-creepy about it?  If I were Jack, I would have been a little bit more demanding about the details, but that’s just me.
  • We discover that there is a Dharma station in Los Angeles, called the Lamppost.  (or is it Lamp Post?  Details, details.)  This is where I was just sure someone was going to have an altercation with the pendulum.  How long has it been there?  Who was “the man” who figured out the equations?  Widmore?  Daniel Faraday?  Someone else?
  • When Ms. Hawking was talking about the coordinates of Ajira Flight 316 and how they would coincide with where the island was, something popped into my head:  If they’ve done it once, they could do it again.  Who’s to say the original Losties weren’t purposely led toward Oceanic Flight 815, which would cross certain coordinates on September 22, 2004?  And, by whom?  And, for what purpose?
  • AND, speaking of Ajira Flight 316, the only other time we’d ever heard of Ajira was when we saw the water-bottles in the outriggers in a previous episode (when the Left Behinders stumbled upon their camp in ruins and then used the boat to try to paddle around the island to get to the Orchid.)
  • Those bottles would lead you to believe that the O6 (well, O5 technically) crashed onto the island sometime in the future.  (i.e. the camp was there, so it couldn’t have been Pre-Oceanic-Flight-815-Crash.)  But, from what we see at the end of the episode, I’m thinking they “crashed” onto the island at a time earlier than that (1970s/80s).  More on that later…
  • Ms. Hawking sure is full of all kinds of information, yet not very many answers.  And, she didn’t seem surprised (or all warm and fuzzy) about Desmond mentioning Daniel Faraday (as her son).  Why not?
  • What importance will Ray, Jack’s grandfather, play?  Was his only purpose to give Jack his father’s shoes?  Speaking of which, I’m so glad we finally figured out the mystery behind the white shoes!!
  • I certainly hope Ben’s “loose end to tie up” isn’t Penny Widmore!!  Charles Widmore is “an old friend” and Ben certainly made a promise to him last season.  *gulp!!*
  • Speaking of that loose end…Ben certainly looks like he’s seen better days, and I’m wondering what the other guy looks like.  And, just who is the other guy?!
  • As soon as I saw them on the plane, I thought Frank Lapidus would be the pilot.  Sure enough, he was!
  • So, Jack finally reads the suicide note.  I would have ripped that note open the minute Ms. Hawking handed to me.  And, my husband kept asking me through the entire show what it said?  And, why isn’t Jack opening it?  Does he open it soon?  Ha!  Personally, I have another question: Was it really a suicide?  Does that matter in the grand scheme of things?
  • There is lots of turbulence, a flash of light and then they wake up on the island.  Did the actual plane crash this time?  Where are Locke, Sun, and Sayid?  What happened to the other people on the plane?  I have a feeling we’ll get more answers soon.
  • And, who should roll up in a Dharma van?  Jin!  In a Dharma suit!  The spiffy-lookin’ van and the crisp Dharma suit leads me to believe that they’ve “crashed” into a different time than originally thought.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!  🙂