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A Cheezy Valentine, Indeed!

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Here is the Valentine I made for my hubby this year.

The front is in binary.

The front is in binary.

And, here is what it all means:

The back has the translation.

The back has the translation.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Anniversary!

Well, well, well…what have we here? Another year has slipped by in the blink of an eye. It seems like I was writing an Anniversary Post just a few months ago, but it’s really been a whole year! (I checked.)

Today marks our 8-year Wedding Anniversary! We’ve scheduled a sitter, and we’re going out for sushi. Nothing says “I love you” like a sitter and sushi.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yeah!
I can’t wait!

What follows may or may not be my side of a conversation I’ve had with my hubby regarding this day.  More than once.  He always remembers our anniversary, but it’s the years that throw him off. Either that, or he just likes to mess with me.

Anyway…we’ve been married for eight years!

For real. No, really…do the math.  Plus, it’s easy!  Remember, we got married in 2000, so the last two digits of the current year are how many years we’ve been married?

See? Eight.

Yes…this is 2008. It’s not 2009 yet. 2007 was last year.

Yes, we’ve lived together for almost 12 years…we lived together for almost 4-years before we got married.  Almost four plus eight is twelve.

Yes, twelve!

Yes! I know. I think it’s wild too. No, I didn’t think we were too young when we got married…yes, that’s a long time. No, I don’t think we’re old. Well, I don’t think I’m old.

Just kidding!

Old man.


Just kidding.

Maybe. 😉

As they say, it’s not the years, it’s the mileage. 😉

So, here’s to eight…or almost twelve…wonderful years, Babe!

…and many more!

Yes…it really has been eight years… 😉

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More precious than jewels

Yesterday, Claire had her Young Preschoolers Class, and just like all the other times, I barely got a “Bye, Momma!” out of her when I dropped her off and signed her in. I decided to take all of this as a good sign that she’s adjusting well to the independent life I want her to lead. This is, after all, the reason we put her in these classes.  The classes meet on Mondays for just an hour-and-a-half, but they are a great way to start nurturing her independent spirit.

Still, I won’t lie; it stung a little.

No kiss.
No hug.
Barely a wave.

I tried to not let it bother me, and I left quickly…partially for her benefit and partially for mine.

I went to an appointment and ran some errands before making it back to the parking lot a few minutes early.

When it was time to pick her up, she was thrilled to see me. My heart swelled with joy, and I realized that she still loves me. She still needs me.  Of course, I already knew this.  Duh.  Right?

Anyway…imagine my surprise when she showed me a gift she’d made for me in class. Something just for me!

Click photo to enlarge.

A new bracelet for Momma

A new bracelet for Momma

The teacher had the kids make bracelets with beads and pipe cleaners. What a great idea!  They could make one for whomever they chose: someone else or themselves.  She chose to make one for me!  And she put the beads on all by herself!  My new piece of jewelry is gorgeous, and I love it. (And, Claire took this picture of me and my new bracelet when we got home!   She did a great job!!)

She babbled all the way home about her adventures in the class and how she’d picked all of the colors “especially for YOU, Momma.” My heart melted and ran all over the front seat of my car when she said that. Why had I even let those other thoughts creep into my mind?

So, I may not get a kiss or a hug every time I leave her for the class, but I get the peace of mind knowing that she’s growing up into a well-rounded, socially-strong individual, who still loves her Momma.

And, sometimes, I get really cool jewelry out of the deal, too.


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