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Check out these two new Product Reviews!

I’ve added two new product reviews to the Product Review Page!

The first is our review of the Hooked on Phonics® Learn to Read Program.

The second is our review of the Treasure Dough.

Go check ‘em out!

The link to the Live TV segment is up!

Here it is!

Be sure to check out Mile High Mamas to enter the contest!

CD Review: Rockin’, Rollin’, and Ridin’ with Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck

COVER ART ROCKIN' ROLLIN' AND RIDIN'  high resRebecca Frezza & Big Truck has a new CD being released on November 10th. (Big Truck Music, $8.99, run time 23 minutes, for ages 4 to 8) called Rockin’, Rollin’, and Ridin’. Claire and I had the opportunity to check it out!

It is upbeat and has catchy tunes and lyrics. Do you know Gordon (Roscoe Orman) from Sesame Street? Even HE’s on it! He helps sing one of the songs called, “Hey-O.” It’s one of those songs where Rebecca sings and then has you repeat after her. This is one of Claire’s favorite songs on the CD! It’s interactive, which I like.

I do have to tell you, though…this CD comes with side-effects. Its songs will work their way into your head. One morning, I was shocked to have Rocketship stuck in my head while I was getting ready. “Rocketship, Rocketship to the Moon! Rocketship, Rocketship to the Moon! Rocketship, Rocketship to the Moon! Flyyyy!”


Admittedly, there are worse things to get stuck in your head.

So, if you like up-beat songs with fun lyrics, you should check out this CD when it comes out on November 10th. Claire isn’t quite 4-years old yet, but she loves it!

And then I dare you not to sing Rocketship while brushing your teeth in the morning.

The Casual Perfectionist received a free copy of the CD in exchange for an honest review. Photo provided by Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck.  This review also appears on Mile High Mamas.

As Seen on TV

Well, I did it! I survived LIVE TV!

I had a blast doing the LIVE TV segment on Saturday on Channel 7 (ABC) Denver for Mile High Mamas! It went really well! Somehow, with the wardrobe advice of a fashionista sister and through the miracles of HD Television, I didn’t look like a complete dork! Yay!

I want to tell you all about the experience, but I’m waiting on the video link to support my claims.

In the meantime, if you didn’t see it, here are a few frames from the show:

Smiling, breathing, appearing totally relaxed.

Smiling, breathing, appearing totally relaxed.

Presenting Items on Live TV

More smiling and breathing, only with talking AND appearing totally relaxed!

Under the Sport-Brella with Ana Cabrera.

Under the Sport-Brella with Ana Cabrera. This was a totally impromptu move on her part, and it worked well!

What a trip. It was so much fun!  It was nerve-wracking before I went on, but once the cameras starting rolling, I couldn’t believe how much fun it was.  I hope to have the online link to it soon!  When I have it, I promise to post it.

It was over in a blur, and Claire has made us watch the segment more times than I care to admit.

It’s pretty cool…if I do say so myself. 🙂

Today is the day!

Here’s a sneak peek at the products I’ll be talking about in my live TV segment today!

As Seen on TV

We’re also doing a giveaway at the Mile High Mamas to coincide with this! Click on over to check it out and enter the contest! I’m sure there’ll be a link to the broadcast, and when that’s available, I’ll post it!

**Due to shipping constraints, the Preschooler Princess helping with the photo-shoot, the Patio Lamp and the Sport-brella in the above photo are not included in this giveaway. 😉

The New Sea Monsters IMAX opens September 18th at the DMNS

A couple weeks ago, the three of us were invited to a special sneak preview of the newest IMAX adventure at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Sea Monsters IMAX at DMNS

Sea Monsters
A Prehistoric Adventure

Along with the invitation was the warning: “this film merits a PG rating for some intense wildlife images, including scenes of simulated predation.”

So, of course, we decided to take Claire, our three year old, with us.

It’s so hard to tell what is going to upset her and what isn’t.

She watches all kinds of “nature” programs with us, and they always have the sharp edge of “predation.” I mean, everybody’s gotta eat. Right? Some scenes are a little harsher, and I do try to shield her from those.

The dragon scene in “Sleeping Beauty” where Prince Phillip kills Maleficent? She hardly blinks an eye.

The entire “Finding Nemo” movie? Traumatic experience. She cried through the whole thing!   (More than once, because she begged to watch it again!)  Every two seconds she was asking me if they were ever going to be reunited. My guess? The name of the movie says it all. It’s not called “They Lose Nemo Forever and Ever.  The End.”  (And, for the record, I skip the entire first scene with the mother because that almost makes me cry.)


Sea Monsters of the deep? Who knows? They could be like dragons, which though worrisome, are not a deal-breaker. Or, it could be too much like Nemo, and all hope would be abandoned at the door.

Time would tell.

The evening started out well enough. We got to hear from Kenneth Carpenter, PhD, Curator of Paleontology at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. He “heads the fossil preparation laboratory at the Museum and is a world-renowned dinosaur expert.” He gave us “the inside story on development of this film, which brings to life the extraordinary marine reptiles of the dinosaur age.”

That part was really cool, actually:  seeing what goes into making such a masterpiece.

DMNS Sea Monsters IMAX

After he spoke, which wasn’t scary at all actually, the movie started. It was one of the best IMAX movies my husband and I have ever seen. We loved it.

…And it scared poor little Claire half to death.

There were parts of the movie that were scary for me…but I’m old enough to handle it. I actually enjoyed being frightened by the sea monsters leaping out of the prehistoric oceans and into my lap.

Claire, on the other hand, buried her head in my neck for the scary parts and then asked me unending questions about the storyline during the calmer parts. I won’t give anything away, but the movie follows the lives of a little Dolichorhynchops (Dolly for short) family, and not unlike most children’s movies, *cough* Disney *cough* some members of the family may or may not make it to the end of the movie.

The emotional connection in most movies is really strong for Claire, even though she’s only 3, so that was disturbing for her, not to mention the larger-than-life monsters jumping out of the screen. As with anything, kids of all ages may or may not be able to handle such excitement. You be the judge.

Claire didn’t cry, but it wasn’t the best experience for her.  Your child may totally dig it.  Like I said, my husband and I loved it!

So, if you like IMAX movies, you should check this out.   It opens tomorrow!  (September 18, 2009) Click here for showtimes and prices.

Photos provided by Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Check out the New & Improved Review Page!

We’ve updated The Reviews Page here at The Casual Perfectionist! The old review page was just a boring ol’ list of exciting reviews.  Now, the photos make it a little more FUN! Click here to check it out, click on the tab at the top of the page, or see the sneak peek below!

Welcome to the Review Page!

We like to review a variety of things here at The Casual Perfectionist, as you can see by the following list.

All of the reviews on this list are honest.  Some of the things on this list are the product of a paid review, and that is noted in the review itself. Some of the things on this list were given to us for free in exchange for an honest review. Some of the things on this list were spur-of-the-moment reviews that weren’t asked for, nor paid for by anyone but ourselves….I just like to share my opinion about things I like.

Everything on this list was fun to review, and I hope you enjoy them!



The Double Daring Book for Girls

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The Bar Method in Boulder

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Expedition Health at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

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Globeology at the Wildlife Experience

Titanic: Treasures from the Deep™ Visits Denver

Titanic: Treasures from the Deep™ Visits Denver

Financial Tools:

Spend Analyzer Tool from Discover Card

Spend Analyzer Tool from Discover Card

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Dive Olly Dive! The Adventure Begins in the Sea

Dive Olly Dive! The Adventure Begins in the Sea DVD

The Jumpitz Celebrate Animals!  DVD

The Jumpitz Celebrate Animals! DVD

Side the Science Kid: The Dirt on Dirt

Side the Science Kid: The Dirt on Dirt

Party Venues:

The Build-a-Bear Birthday Party

The Build-a-Bear Birthday Party


Bootcamp for Boobs

Bootcamp for Boobs

Princess Pettiskirt by My Princess Academy

Princess Pettiskirt by My Princess Academy

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PF Chang's New Kids Menu

PF Chang's New Kids Menu

And, although there’s no photo,
check out our review of:

The Runway Grill

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Sid the Science Kid: The Dirt on Dirt

Earth Day is just around the corner! Wednesday, April 22 marks the day when we celebrate the Earth and remind ourselves of what we can do to take care of it. Earth Day is also a wonderful opportunity to get out and do fun things, and we’re always looking for an excuse to learn new things.

In honor of Earth Day, PBS will be showing a brand new episode of Sid the Science Kid entitled, The Dirt on Dirt.

Claire and I had the opportunity to check it out early!

To be honest, I wasn’t very familiar with Sid the Science Kid, but I knew that if it involved questions and answers and anything science-related, Claire would enjoy it. The odds of there being princesses and sparkly pink things in it were slim, but she’s usually pretty easy to please.

As soon as we got the DVD and watched it, I started seeing Sid everywhere! Isn’t that how it always goes?

“Look, Momma! Sid is at our library!” Even Claire recognized him on some worksheets in the children’s section.

So, what did we think of the episode?

Claire loved it. In fact, we’ve watched it more than once already. She loved it so much that we’ll need to find it in our satellite listings and add Sid the Science Kid to the queue with our collection of Sesame Street shows. (Check your local listings for Episode 128!)

So, what’s the dirt on The Dirt on Dirt? In this episode, Sid and his friends Gabriela, Gerald and May, along with their teacher, Susie, learn about Earth Day.

They all became dirt detectives and soil scientists in the Super Fab Lab, and they “Investigate! Explore! Discover!” all there is to know about the importance of dirt.

Claire loved the cartoon aspect of the show, and she liked the video footage of real kids doing their own investigating, exploring, and discovering in the dirt. She loved the different songs and interactions with the characters.

She could really relate to Sid, even though he didn’t have a shred of pink on him, and he’s not a princess. (Gabriela had on pink, though. Just so you know.) 😉 When Sid’s mom takes him to school, Claire got so excited and said, “He’s going to school like me!”

Even I enjoyed the episode! I love how current and up-to-date they are with the little things. In one scene, Sid’s mom goes over to the computer in the kitchen and researches some information for Sid. We do that all the time around here, too!

I actually laughed out loud when Sid asked, “Did you ever hear the one about the kid who wanted to know everything about everything?”  And, I thought to myself, “Yep, and she’s sitting right here beside me, Sid.”  🙂 Sid and Claire would get along fabulously, I think.

After watching it with Claire, I asked her what her favorite part was of Sid the Science Kid: The Dirt on Dirt.

She said she liked two things the best: The first was the part where Gerald pretended to be an elephant. Claire is 3-yrs old, so we do a lot of pretending around here. Her second favorite part was when the kids were looking at the worms in the dirt. She added, “If I found plastic trash in the dirt, Momma, I’d put it in the recycling bin!”

In true preschooler-style, we’ve talked about this episode long after I clicked off the television. We’ve had ongoing conversations about soil and bugs and nature and Earth Day. On Earth Day, if the weather cooperates, I’d love to take Claire outside and do some Backyard Science of our own. She’d totally dig it. (Get it? Ha!) 🙂

But, we don’t have to wait until Earth Day to discover the world around us. Like they pointed out in the episode, “You don’t have to wait until Earth Day to take care of the earth.”

So, if you’re looking for a fun way to get the conversation started in your house, I recommend you check out Sid the Science Kid: The Dirt on Dirt!

This is not a paid review, however, we did receive a free copy of this episode! All images are used with permission from The Jim Henson Company.

Check out my new review!

I’m excited to announce that I have recently become a…

BlogHer Reviewer

…and my first review has been published!

Where are you spending your money?  That’s a question on everyone’s mind these days!

Well, when it comes to money, in order to see where it goes, you need to know where it went.  Discover® Card has created a really cool tool to help answer this question, and I had the opportunity to review it!  It’s called the Spend Analyzer Tool.


Coming Soon…

You may notice a tab that just showed up at the top of the blog:

Product Reviews

This ad-free page will be the home for some Product Reviews that I’ll be doing.  I’m pretty excited about this opportunity, and it will be interesting to see where this leads!

Stay tuned!