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The Sherlock Holmes Exhibit at the DMNS

Sherlock Holmes is one of my all-time favorite characters. When I was younger, I enjoyed reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books. Now, I love the BBC version of Sherlock, and Elementary on CBS. (Not to mention the movie versions with Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law.)

When I heard that my favorite place in Denver was hosting The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes, I jumped at the chance to go!

Much Will Be Revealed DMNS

(I was given free tickets to this event in exchange for an honest review.)


When I got to the DMNS (Denver Museum of Nature and Science), as I was waiting for a friend to join me, I got eaten by a dinosaur. #TrueStory
The End.
Shortest Review Ever!

Just kidding… Kinda!

Just kidding… Kinda!

This "dinosaur" was on the prowl!

See? This “dinosaur” was on the prowl…and he was hungry!

So, what did I think of the Sherlock Exhibit? Like I said above, I loved it. We were able to wander through the exhibit at our leisure and solve a mystery while doing so. How awesome is that?? We were there for TWO HOURS…and did it seem like it? No. No, it did not! It was amazing.

Sherlock Signs DMNS

With the cost of admission, you are given a booklet, which is a detective’s notepad of sorts. Each station has things to learn and a place to stamp in the book before you move on. In doing so, you’re given a secret code from Sherlock himself! The way it is revealed made me gasp out loud; it was SO CLEVER. (I won’t spoil it.)

Then, you head to 221B Baker Street to see Sherlock’s Victorian Era digs. Museum workers in period costume and British accents are rubbing elbows with the crowd. Other museum volunteers are at each station offering clues and answering questions.

You’re shown a murder scene. #allegedly

You gather your own clues and conduct your own experiments to see if your theories are correct.

Which of the experiments was my favorite? The chemical analysis of something potentially poisonous? Dragging a body? Blood splatter?

It’s so hard to tell!

p.s. It’s also hard to adequately photograph blood spurting from a machine. (The windshield wipers were a comical touch. Maybe that wasn’t supposed to be funny? Move along...)

p.s. It’s also hard to adequately photograph blood spurting from a machine. (The windshield wipers were a comical touch.)

At the end, you make your guesses to some key components and then see if you’re right.

Will the correct secret message appear when we slip our detective's notepad into the slot?

Will the correct secret message appear when we slip our detective’s notepad into the slot? My friend, Melissa, does the honors…

We were right! We got to move on to the next set of clues, and then even more answers were revealed to us.

This is a fantastic exhibit. There is so much I’d love to show you via pictures, but I don’t want to spoil your fun!

If you don’t have a Membership to the DMNS, I highly recommend getting one. The cost of the membership pays for itself so quickly, and when exhibits like this come through town, members get discounted pricing. It’s so worth it!

Would I recommend this exhibit for everyone?

If you’ve got small kids in tow, this may not be the one for you. My friend and I spent 2 hours examining everything, and it was so nice to do so without little ones underfoot. I do think my almost-10-year old would TOTALLY DIG this, but use your own judgement.

And to quote Sherlock himself, “Come at once if convenient. If inconvenient, come all the same.” Seriously. Get out to see it! It’s well worth the price of admission.

I added my own message to the back of my detective's note pad.

I have revealed a different message on the back of my detective’s note pad. Click to enlarge…and then GO!