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The Shrinking Ladybug Sweater Set

Before Claire was born, one of my hubby’s cousins knitted a sweater set for her. By the time Auntie M was done with it, it became a very limited edition, because of the complexity of it. In fact, I think we own the only set! I’m not a knitter, so I can only imagine how tricky a pattern like this is.

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Cute as a Lady Bug Button

Cute as a Ladybug Button

Lady Bugs on the sweater and the hat

Ladybugs on the sweater and the hat

It’s beautiful.
It really is a work of art.

In January of 2007, Claire was finally big enough to wear it. It was still a little big on her, but we got some great pictures.

Lady Bug Sweater Set

Ladybug Sweater Set

Well, I’m happy to report that it still fits! I think this may be the last season for it, though.

When photo shoots go wrong…

When photo shoots go wrong…

Take Two!

Take Two!

Isn’t it amazing how much she’s grown!? Or, is that sweater set shrinking? Surely that’s gotta be it… 😉