Who is The Casual Perfectionist?


This is JoAnn. She’s the creator of The Casual Perfectionist.  (She doesn’t like talking in the third person, so let’s just pretend this was written by someone else, okay?  It will be our little secret.)

The Casual Perfectionist was born in 2007, when JoAnn decided to start a blog. She wanted a creative outlet for her writing that would also give her an easy way to chronicle their forays into parenthood and share their adventures with their relatives back in the Midwest. At the time, she was in the midst of juggling a baby while working from a home office, and writing was one of the ways she was able to find some semblance of sanity. In 2008, JoAnn had the opportunity to quit her “real job” and focus on parenting and writing, two of her passions.

JoAnn has combined these two passions here at The Casual Perfectionist. She is a self-proclaimed perfectionist, but doesn’t consider herself to be the stuffy, up-tight kind. She’s more of a casual perfectionist, hence the name of her website. She tries her hardest to focus on the positive, learn from the negative, and laugh at both. In fact, she is a firm believer in the notion that if you haven’t laughed today, you weren’t really paying attention.



This is Claire. She is twelve, going on twenty, with a little bit of thirty-four thrown in for good measure.  She loves swimming, ballet, gymnastics, karate, art, and magic. Despite the color of her bike helmet, her favorite color is black.  She has the makings for being a true Renaissance Ninja.  You can read all about the day she came into this world by clicking here.


Claire and Daddy

This is Daddy. He’s the one in the hat.  He has requested that his image and real name not be used on the website. He’s shy. Or, just elusive and mysterious. But, really, he’s just disappointed that he even shows up on film.

Merlin and Jasper

This is Merlin and Jasper. They are brothers from the same litter but have totally different personalities. They have written some wonderful pieces on the website. They are fun and quirky and rambunctious. Claire couldn’t ask for better big brothers. (Sadly, we had to say Goodbye to Jasper in July of 2016. RIP Sweet Kitty.)

Lord Henry Quillington Rasmussen

This is Lord Henry Quillington Rasmussen, or Henry for short. (He even has his own hashtag: #LHQR) He is our African Pygmy Hedgehog! Technically, he’s an Algerian Dark Gray. He’s royalty; we just know it. We adopted him as a baby from a local breeder, and we’re totally smitten.  If avoiding cute photos of hedgehogs is your goal, this website is not for you. (Sadly, we had to say Goodbye to Lord Henry Quillington Rasmussen in June of 2017. RIP Sweet Hedgehog.)

The three of us in shadows

Three shadows on the edge at The Grand Canyon

One of my favorite Winter Scenes - see the header above!

A favorite Winter Scene

...and when we get tired of looking at the snow, we post one from the beach!

…and when we get tired of looking at the snow, we post one from the beach!

We love Shadow Portraits. JoAnn and her husband have been in Colorado for over a decade, and they love it! When they aren’t working on their various home-improvement projects, they love to travel and have other adventures.  In the midst of all that, they love to do Shadow Portraits.  They collect them at different times of year and in different locations.  There is something magical about shadow portraits, and you can read all about them here!
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A passion for potions. JoAnn is also an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils! She is so intrigued and has a new passion for some very old potions. We’re learning so much! If you have questions, please let us know.

Claire holding the sun

About the Header. Not only have we played with the shadows, we’ve played with the sun.  A friend took this photo of Claire when they were all in Cozumel, Mexico in November of 2011.


Are you looking for the Comment Section?

Once upon a time, blog writers & readers engaged in spirited conversations via the Comment Section.  Now, with the prevalence of Twitter and Facebook, these conversations are just as lively, but they’re happening in different streams.  Because of this, the comments on most of the older posts have been turned off here at The Casual Perfectionist.

Please keep in mind, JoAnn loves to have real conversations with her imaginary friends, especially if she can use her magical handheld device. To comment on any of these posts and to keep the conversation going, feel free to touch base on Twitter, Facebook, or email her directly.

Her Twitter ID is: @ThisJoAnn.

Email: joann @ thecasualperfectionist.com